July 22, 2014

Believe it or not I am a fairly serious person. Luckily I married Steve who doesn’t seem to have a serious bone in his body. More than anything he’s taught me to laugh and have fun. At work I find ways to joke with my students. Usually they are lame jokes for my own personal entertainment. Picture this: I am standing in front of the whiteboard teaching a math lesson on balancing a check book (I know, outdated skills from the prehistoric age of my life), then I ask the class, “Does that make cents? Get it sense, cents!” Meanwhile I am giggling to my heart’s content while the students look at me and shake their heads. It’s moments like that that keep my job fun.

When my life turns to training I try to make it as fun as possible. One way that I keep things fun is by inviting different people to come train with me (as I train by myself much of the time). Sometimes I create a burpee word-of-the-day with my training partner. For every time that word is spoken a burpee penalty is to be paid at the end of the training session. When training by myself I make a game of trying to smile a set number of times during the workout. I also predict how long the workout will take me and try to beat my predicted time with a reward and consequence planned. I also quiz my husband on how long he thought it took me to do a particular workout. We gauge the individual parts, compound the fatigue, add the numbers and guess – keeps it a bit more interesting. Sometimes he way overestimates my abilities and other days…well, let’s say he must think I’m tired.

Family is the easy part of fun for me. With my daughter I am completely willing to be silly. Games, dancing, art – I get to be a kid all over again! No inhibitions. I love to play games (it is part of my competitive nature) but playing games with a three-year-old takes on a new meaning. It is always entertaining how she interprets or decides on the rules. Coming up with the silliest dance moves and mimicking each other cracks me up. She also loves when Steve and I swing dance and encourages us to do more. At the beach, digging in the sand and running in the waves always brings giggles of delight.

Fun is what you make of it. To be sure, there are days when I struggle with this and nothing seems fun. When life seems like a repetitive routine of dishes, laundry, training, cooking, cleaning, working, and so on, I just remind myself that it’s like the “high gravity” days of training. I just have to push through the suck, or fake it until I make it. I put a smile on my face and find humor in something until I am really back in the moment and enjoying myself again.